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Super Cold Remix “I’m not a rapper”…nah, I’m a liar Lupe Cold?? Nah, I’m Super Hot Fire! Can’t put me out…I’m goin’ in Like bowling pins, strike a match and watch me blow like winds Set to detonate like it’s my time and not a second late Bet the race, the torch is mine and y’all just second place Desire burning and you can see it shine through every state Yes I am LIGHT but I’m still a heavy weight See, I bring the HEAT like Riley did with James for Wade I got the temperature rising when I levitate The game is crooked…you’ve been led astray You the jury and I’m here to set the record straight Turn it up, boy, I’m on it; What do you want?? I got it So much drive in each verse you’da swear my bars were rockets ‘Cause I’m launching to the top, I’m the topic of discussion Buzz be bubbling ‘case you wondering, money cuming like we fucking Invested and I love it, call that balling on a budget And its mind over matter, put nothing else above it Bitch, I’m hot…hotter than an oven I’m hot as hell, hot like mail, I’m hotter than the sun is And I ain’t one to fuck with; I’m a fire breathing dragon In the game, spitting flames, roasting rappers who be swagging Yes, it’s MaJiK…so, hot I’m melting hearts If I was there, the Titanic would’ve never fell apart …I’m the cause for Global warming Mother Nature can’t extinguish me, take that as a warning I be blazing up the forest and I’m not just puffin’ smoke Snorting lines the only time anything you do is dope I’m no joke…I don’t miss, I’m never cold I’m 24 at the buzzer, you D12 Choke So…stay the fuck out my kitchen I’m a flow cookin’ wizard puttin’ rhymes into a rhythm With precision, every syllable’s hurting beats Through a scorching thesis, call it lyrical third degrees A burning speech that’s turning each track into infirmaries I’m a god in the flesh, call me Hercules
Let ‘Em Know First off fuck bitches, fuck hoes And if you was offended then you probably one of those Sucka mu'fucka livin' under anotha stuck up Like swag, swag, swag huh??…W'dup?? Oh you think you cool with your snap-backs, tank tops Vans look like sneakers while your whack ass planks, stop With the fads...kids will twerk their ass Trending topic for a weak and now you back …to the real world 15 minutes of fame is up, why the fuck you still hurr?? Oh you think I won't last, don't make me laugh I ain't in it for the money and no it ain't no act! Fuck rap! Game is trash and y'all ain't shit, y'all crap I been doing this way before stacks, do the math Poetry's first, being real is second nature My holy trinity is a beat, pen and paper Moving forth, of course I'm always on course To be a better me than I was beFOUR Making shit happen with my business partners And now my name be buzzin' like a fifth of vodka I'm star at the top like a Christmas tree Going as high as I can before I'm 6 Feet Deep Boi, 7 8 9 and if you don't wanna be lunch Don't underestimate someone that's hungry as fuck So ‘till my tummies filled up, I'ma keep at it Set the bar to the stars and then reach past it C- my flaws through each practice A+ is what I'm after, never B avergage I was meant for something great, that's my fate And MaJiK's all about belief, call it faith You can try to tell me different, I won't listen Stubborn with my vision, sight's locked like a prison Listen, it's my mission to build a better life For my children like my parents were able to do for mine And there isn't a fuckin' limit as long as I try Until lie, faced up to the sky with closed eyes I would die for my dreams, it is that fuckin' real Most of y'all don't understand, over-thinking, sitting still Warming up the bench, watching others play the field Keep sleepin' on it homie and it will get killed ‘Cause the reality is this…time is of the essence Opportunities come and go, if you find one, count your blessings And take advantage of the chance, you might not get a second Keep on pressing to the next one, be aggressive not acceptant ‘Cause it's hectic and expensive to just think short-term Life is what you make it, this is confirmed Dreams come to those who chase, they must be earned Think you know it all?? You've much to learn You ain't growing, then you dying, fall then keep on rising Failure yields success if you keep on trying Until I triumph I will chase the horizon ‘I can stare at the mountains or say that I climbed ‘em And that is how we differ, the way we see a picture You keep looking at the bottom and my vision's getting clearer When I look into my mirror, I don't just see just a man I'm seeing the potential of all that I am See, I know just what I want, for my name to last forever So before I leave this world, do something they'll remember If you stand in my way, I'm prepared to go to war Whack rappers, you've been warned, show yourself to the door That's right, I'm cleanin' house, get wit it or get out And shut the fuck up if money's all you ‘bout This life is too abundant to concern ourselves with numbers No matter how high you rack it, you gon' still end up under
Why I’m Still In Love Because I’m an MC So Hip-Hop is to me as you are to your parents Even when you disappoint, it’s just too hard to stop caring See, we know there’s potential and that there’s no such thing as a limit in skill What you see is what you get, but look beyond the frames and there are images still Just picture this; imagine a dozen roses, now imagine a dozen more With your imagination, you can visualize more flowers than there actually was before It’s like staring at the ocean and all you see is the top But there’s a world beneath the waters who’s breathing don’t stop The quality in the art is infinite like the numerical system A beauty of connecting minds through the sharing wisdom As I labor on the page painting these words of thought All I ask is for you to appreciate the skill displayed through all works of art And it always pains me to see others stoop to low-levels Sell-out for instant gratification, never realizing . .That they can't buy back what is took by the devil But in just one moment. .one good line can rectify however bad I may feel And that's why I still lover her. .always have, always will Y'know what I'm saying?? When I get that feeling, that feeling that puts me in awe, makes me appreciate what a person just said. That feeling like, "dayum, you hear that?? Did you hear that??". . .THAT feeling. It's more than just good music. .it's Skills. Ugh, I flip words with my pen like the page was a skillet Feed you multiple meanings 'cause that's what my phrases are filled wit' Yes, I do to these words how kids be playing with legos Mold each term like clay, looking like I get creative with play-do Start with a letter, mix in some commas. .I'll even stretch the line String along the end of each character with spaces like I’m etch-and-sketching rhymes You gotta think outside the box if you want to heed unseen designs Note the position of every letter and try to read between the lines 'Cause I try to make you think, see, my lyrics ain't for the obvious Turn the paper into something else. .lyrically origami it Words so fly lookin' as though each and every letter soars The epitome of double-meanings, put my name in your verse and call it a metaphor I plant a thought, but seeds ain't gotta spread to fill the sentence Long as you can see-through to the point, I'm still A-Parent I'm a breathe of fresh air, not just somethin' to smoke But if you lookin' for work, check my track record. . .nothin' but Dope Tell me I ain't!! Fuck it, I keep going, bet I'd win in a race between that Energizer Bunny Let him knock on the drums while I rhyme 'til the end of time, it's nothing!! Man, I'm only getting better and better, don’t doubt this kid?? Ain't usually wit' the bragging, but trust. .nobody has an inner-voice as loud as this Look, I'm as humble as it gets, I guess that's why crumbs is all I get My stomach gets so full with rage, it makes me wanna run away and quit 'Cause I don't like the idea of settling for less than what I'm able But what happens when you let everyone go before yourself is . .By the time you get to the front, there's no more food left up on that table They say that money is the root of all evil, I bet hunger was the seed So many times I've glared at my empty plate wanting to slit the throat of my compassion and throw it away underneath my greed Damn. .I'm sorry guys, I catch myself thinking a lot - see, my mind tends to slip But whenever I get lost in these Bermuda Triangle's of Ideas . .I remember that I'm the Captain, and no matter what, I must defend my ship That's when I grip the wheel and steer out whatever cycles I create Quit with trying to turn myself around, set my sight and just go straight Stay on course with who I am, get back to my desk and let the ink tell my story Write against the odds for the same reason Achilles went to Troy - We’d die just to live in the glory
Too Dope [Hook]x2 Line for line…I’m too dope Bar for bar…I’m too dope Rhyme for rhyme…I’m too dope Y’all already know…I’m too dope [Verse 1] Pardon my demeanor, confidence is gold medal Olympic with the flow, bars on another level Competition’s too sweet, they be dancing with the devil My soul is priceless; theirs are two for one special Line me up, inch by inch, I’m the dopest by far They coming up short and I’m reaching for the stars They ain’t standing tall, peeping game from their garage I’m in the streets with artillery, aiming at Mars Outer space with my thoughts, new world point of view Fireworks with every spark, ideas going boom! TNT of the mind, endorphins running wild So fucking sick, what’s more contagious than a smile? Cloud 9 with my passion, so in love with myself Thank God for where I am, place above nothing else In a heightened state of mind, different class, no swag Invincible ain’t shit, Immortal’s where I’m at [Hook]x2 [Verse 2] Frank Lucas, Rick Ross; I am Pablo Escobar On the mic, serving fiends with my products, no charge ‘Cause I got it like that, take a hit and I swear I get ‘em hooked off these lines like fishes, beware This ain’t for light hearts, this is for heavy minds Deep souls with opened doors, bright thoughts that needa shine At the top, chasing highs…new feats being climbed Feel the drips trickle down; I drop jewels from the sky …Reign supreme, I rain dreams Cartel vision, running with the same team Everybody eats, that’s the regime Anything is possible, just carpe diem It ain’t hard to see, I got beliefs and hope And it’s a part of me, I gotta feed them dope Bagging rhymes in these verses, cut up lines with a purpose Then call that bitch crack like the breaks in a surface [Hook]x2 [Verse 3] Music is addiction…Hip-Hop is my drug Needle on the record, melodies get shot up Speakers in a table…Coke on a mirror Flowing in the nostrl like sounds in the ear Mind so clear, it’s Nirvana you can hear A high so good, you gotta share with peers Bump it with a beer, bump it, then a shot Bump it in your ride while you beatin’ down the block! Mu’fucka I’m on top…and I’m still getting higher Spark an instrumental and I will smoke up cyphers With a mic, no lighter…set booths on fire All pure, uncut…every ounce of my fiber Was crafted out of fate, made in a perfect image One with the universe so there isn’t any limits You can hear it in my lyrics, feel it in my spirit Forever’s intrinsic…my Dope is Infinite
Drinks Up [Hook] Now that we’re here, we made it this far We came from the bottom but now we’ve reached the stars And we gon’ take a toast tonight Came out of the dark into light [Verse 1] Step through the door, All Eyez On Me Like Pac…Five shots… …Thug Life…Why not …Tonoght…Let’s rock! They wanna know what I’m about Round after round’s how I get down My, my, my…shawty now Be saying how she likes my style And I ain’t like them other guys So I tell her I lover her eyes “Bet you no one has fucked ya’ right” Then she turned ‘round and strut her thighs Like…Whooh…Oooh She got me in the mood Led me straight to the room And y’know what we gon’ do! [Hook] Now that we’re here, we made it this far We came from the bottom but now we’ve reached the stars And we gon’ take a toast tonight Came out of the dark into light Now put your drinks up, up, up, up, up Put your drinks up, up, up, up, up, up Now put your drinks up, up, up, up, up Put your drinks up, up, up, up, up, up [Verse 2] Put your drinks up let’s toast Roll the weed up let’s smoke We been puttin’ on that work and now it’s time that we unload! Every day’s a celebration Good vibes...don’t ever hate it High as fuck but never faded Drunken moments never waisted Hey…Hey… I was wonderin’ what’s yo’ name I ain’t into playin’ games And I hope you feel the same See…I must be honest I…can’t make no promise Love…is not an option You…got my thoughts in Contradiction and now I’m twisted Heart and mind’s in disagreement And I don’t know who I should listen To but baby, please believe me! [Hook] Now that we’re here, we made it this far We came from the bottom but now we’ve reached the stars And we gon’ take a toast tonight Came out of the dark into light Now put your drinks up, up, up, up, up Put your drinks up, up, up, up, up, up Now put your drinks up, up, up, up, up Put your drinks up, up, up, up, up, up Now put your drinks up, up, up, up, up Put your drinks up, up, up, up, up, up
Bloody Hands [Hook] FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up [Verse 1] What it do? What it is? MaJiK ain’t no trick Bang that jungle music and go bananas in this bitch! Dance like you the shit and fuck who be hating Put your hands up and feel the good vibrations Yeah…I wanna see your body move Mami groove, rockin’ loose, and act a little naughty too The whole club watchin’ you and they all follow suit Living life on the ledge so y’know we got the juice! On the mic I show and prove, puttin’ crowds in a spell Break necks, bop heads so yes, I rock well My flow is top shelf, ice cold and hot hell Turn Hip-Hop back up, watered down does not sell If you real and you know it, lemme get a soul clap I’m feeding off your energy so don’t hold back Get it poppin’, get lost, let the music take control Feel the world unfold with the rhythm in your…soul [Hook] FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up SBC be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up SBC be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up [Verse 2] Now tell me, who got the rhymes that’ll get you off your feet And the flow to make you bounce as we hit you with the beat? I’m a beast so I’ma feast, see I eat instrumentals Melodies and high-hats, bass and the treble Wildin’ out on all levels, submerged in the sounds You can scream all you want but your voices are drowned Out by the music, keep jumpin’ to all tunes While I have the DJ pump up the volume! Look…I’m an MC And if you don’t know what that means Listen close, here it goes, moving crowds my MO Get ‘em loud for the show going outta control! …this the time of our lives With our heads in the clouds, hands high to the sky Caught in the moment, we dancing with the stars Setting fire in this bitch with the passion in our hearts! [Hook] FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up SBC be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up FMG be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up SBC be the crew, put your bloody hands up Bloody hands up, bloody hands up
I Know You See Me [Hook] [Verse 1] 24/7 hustle, it ain’t a option 365 days, I stay clocked in Yeah, no sign of me stoppin’ I got the green light, you just parkin’ …And now everybody watchin’ Hot shit heading to the top like a rocket I gots it locked up like a locksmith You coulda-woulda-shoulda bitches can’t knock it …’Cause I’m doing me Serve any MC any day of the week Lyrical fiend, all my statements OD On dope lines…cocaine on a beat Uuhghghg…and my flow so ugly Can’t nobody touch it..it’s nothing …But I know you see me I know ya’, know ya’, I-I know ya’ see me! [Hook] [Verse 2] Who better?? I’m too clever When I put words together down to every last letter No cents?? Not ever, I’m currency driven Always tryna’ do better than I’m currently livin’ …And I wouldn’t do it different Goin’ Gaga like Rihanna, pushing to the limits With pen to the page like pedal to the floor 100mph, always writing more And I don’t slow down, I stay on my grind All the time, pennin’ rhymes, chasing these dimes Honeys and Hundreds, they stay on my mind ‘Cause Death is Promised, one day I’ma die ….So do I need anotha reason To inhale opportunities before I stop breathin’?? …I’ma give you my secret Work hard…make it look easy
Flexin' Hol' up, hol' up…stop the press This just in…MaJiK ‘Bout To Flex! On the best…yes…16 reps, 3 sets And since they sleepin' on the flow…no rest I'm killin' ‘em, who real as him? Fuck your plans like Gilligan You Phil and ‘em, I'm iller and fresher than Prince William See, I don't fit the mold…I don't think they know I bake my own bread and they just get the dough Yeah…employee, employer The difference is unlimited... Your money is definitive You steady chasing presidents …I'm all about the Benjamins So My money see is infinite... And I'm gettin' it like orders Four words...I'm the fucking boss I'm thinkin' 'bout returns, never 'bout the costs I'm lookin' at the interest, you look at what interests You...consume and I am the business Flex… …said I’m flexin’ So I’ma Flex… …And I’m flexin’ I said...I'm flexin'...check the tone This is the result of setting goals Always working out the mind...in each verse and every rhyme You can see the definition in the words of every line 10000 hours…that's the law While y'all was jackin' off, I was at practice, augh …Goin' in on these pages Like Kobe with ball, I'm lookin' to be the greatest Don't hate it…actually, it don't fade me Call me what you want, just don't call me lazy You crazy if you thinkin' that I is I'm all about commission, if I don't get it, I can't live So bitch get the fuck off my dick Haters need to sit and cut out that lip ...I'm as real as it gets Wipe my ass with your opinion, now you feelin' my shit When it comes to punches, you don't wanna tussle I'm a classic mustang...all muscle Closed minded fucks need to step out your bubble I’m thinkin’ out the box, out this world like the Hubble You see me shining… bright like a star These other rappers gassed, all they talk about is cars I wonder how far that gimmick’s gonna take you? Stunt while you can, in 15 minutes, they’ll replace you Me, I stay true…an MC in its purest form… An original never conformed to the norm …1989, I was born About to take the whole world by storm On tracks, I fuckin’ spazz…do the math A quarter of it’s flow…lyricism ‘bout a half An 1/8th of it’s cadence...16’s all rap Cook it all together…100% crack!
Rocketeer Remix [Verse 1] I’ma take you to the top Ain’t no telling where we’ll stop Watch the rockets go over obstacles And I’ll show you nothing’s impossible ‘Cause when you with me, you will see That dreams come true if you believe We two stars in the making The world is ours for the taking [Hook] [Verse 2] Put your sear belt on, we ready to launch And where we headed is wherever we want No matter the distance, the sky’s the limit So that means there isn’t ‘cause the sky’s infinite Get it?? We seizing the day And goin’ up, up and away Taking flight on this rocket So say goodbye to the bottom [Hook] [Verse 3] Now, I ain’t ever been to space before That’s ‘cause I ain’t had no one to show The world, up there’s a different view Bet you never seen the dark side of the moon Maybe share a dance on the rings of Saturn Count the stars and find a pattern Or make love atop of Venus Take my hand, let’s unlock the secrets
Breathin’ See, I try to live free but life’s got me in it’s hold Grippin’ on my soul and I don’t know Just how much more of this that I can take Lord, take me away to some place safe Please? I’m on my knees Hands masking my face, I ain’t got no cheese Nothin’ to smile about, I am not at ease And when my passion burns out, I spark my trees Just to keep going, I know that seems hopeless But the high lifts me up and slows down these moments So that I can seize on it, I’m just being honest In this altered state of mind, I can see promise Like anything is possible with just a thought and so To the top I go over obstacles Just give me another day and let me live my life And I swear, I’ma do it right this time Anotha breathe, anotha second, where life gets so hectic Days are too long and at nights you’re so restless Fight and then forget it, mind is inattentive As your soul remains lost right where you left it But you can’t stand to look at the man who’s shook In the mirror, it’s gettin’ clearer what the fears have took From you…I know…I’ve been there too And I know, nothing’s worse than not knowing what to do But trust, it gets better, pain ain’t forever If you make it out the storm, you can take on any weather I swear…there’s a point to it all You were made to get back up anytime that you fall And it’s crazy ‘cause you’re scared that maybe if you dared To pray he will be there to save you from despair But have a little faith, just make it through the day And I promise…you gon’ be okay
Young Love Hold up shawty, wait a minute…slow down Who’da thought that you and I would be on separate roads now There was no doubt in my mind, at the time Adolescence thought we destined, mesmerized by your essence You was everything that I thought I wanted I was caught in teenage logic, thought forever was a promise My first kiss, my first class, my first this, my first that Can’t believe what you taught me would have this impact On my life, I still remember, jumping on those steps Where I held you in my arms, you put your head on my chest In that instant was forever, and infinite moment Words spoken through our motions and silence was golden Though that will never fade, memories remain the same People change, appreciate who’s in your life every day Two people are acquainted, best friends become strangers But love continues on through the ages [Hook] Young love, my young love Every minute of the day it’s you I’m thinking of And no one can compare To those little moments you and I will always share Baby, I know and uh, you know That a piece of my heart you can always call home And y’know, y’know that this will be forever our song
Shining [Hook]x2 Turn off the lights…we shining Bright…like diamonds C’mon, c’mon…we rising So high…we flying Don’t dumb it down…we lighting Up…the sky and Turn off the lighs…we shining Bright…like diamonds! [Verse 1] Y’all ain’t seeing like me…vision too clear Think I’m rapping circles, what I’ve written is spheres 360 point of view, my perceptions astute Make the most of every moment, not a second to lose Every statement is candor; the good and the bad My life is just that, success and mishaps All put into these raps to see what my minds like Picture the results, 20/20 hindsight Yesterday’s Tomorrow man, today, I follow plans So my future self can gander back at all I am And stand proud, dignified by my efforts Lived a life to be better than the times I didn’t measure Up to my potential, reaching new heights Celebrated ‘cause we made it, beneath the moon shine Tell the world to dim it down, we brightening it up Illuminating minds with the light in us [Hook]x2 [Verse 2 - ] [Hook]x4 [Verse 3] Passion fuels the heart, Soul full of spark Mind at peace, it don’t matter where I start See, I’m aiming for the stars, since we already are Spreading light in all directions with luminous bars State of mind, out this world…larger than life Imagination never ages…sharpen my sight Stay focused, stay patient…affirm my goals Midas touch on the mic, flows turn to gold Never waiver under pressure, diamonds get made Come up clutch in dark times, my mind lights the way See I’ve seen the other side and it’s not my place I’ve been to rock bottom, now I float through space! Conversing with the cosmos, ping pong with the comets Dancing ‘round Saturn, having races with the rockets Staring contest with the sun, at the apex of my game Now watch me blowing up…Big Bang [Hook]x4
When your back’s against the wall And you cannot face the fall After giving it your all You stop living for tomorrow Trapped in a moment of feeling hopeless while your soul is Wandering around lost in the open just going through the motions …Blurring visions with the potions So potent, you begin to lose focus And everything you ever did Did it ever mean a thing?? Maybe to them it never did But for you, you’re better since They let you go ‘cause truth be told, they held you back You’re beautiful and no one else determines that Lesson learned, shake it off, leave it in the past You were burned but like a Phoenix, rise up out the ash [Hook]x2 I was tryna’ be someone for somebody else Now I do it for myself x3 When your best just doesn’t cut it And they’re thinking nothing of it When it’s hard to make ‘em love it And you’re close to saying “fuck it” But nu-uh, you done came to far, what the fuck they take you for?? They tryna’ rain on your parade, it’s up to you to make it pour Give them all your heart and soul until they cannot take no more And then it’s back to the lab until you cannot make no more ‘Cause you’re something they ain’t used to They just hear Rapper and say “You too?? There’s a bunch of you on Youtube” Nah, homie, you are you, do You and no one else, fuck ‘em if they don’t respect it Go ahead and ask for help but trust me, homie, don’t expect it I know it’s hard for you to try when you feelin’ like you’re so neglected Just keep it real with yourself; I swear it’s so much better [Hook]x4
Success Is Revenge Society told me that I should be a lawyer… Or a doctor, I’m sorry to disappoint ya’ But I thought that I ought ta’ do what I wanna You can let them write your story but I’ma be my own author Parents stressing, every second, get yo’ act together Pen a sentence; ask the question, can I rap forever? Yes! It’s more than music, this shit is therapeutic I would lose it like remotes if I couldn’t share this movement I’ma do it but they doubtin’, see the hate in their eyes They hollerin’ and they howling, but they snakes in disguise I cut the grass, came down to earth, the smoke has been cleared They don’t wanna see me blow ‘cause they ain’t going nowhere That’s what they don’t get, they be trapped by freedom’s twin I can’t stand to be complacent, so I’m always dreaming big Ask me what I do it for, I’m tryna’ aid the kids Success is not an option, it’s the only way to live We was raised about the same but with age some things changed I’m still down to risk it all and they just wanna play it safe But that ain’t me, crunching numbers…or typing at a desk I ain’t dissing your careers but I won’t settle for nothing less Than leaving marks on this planet, when I’m gone, they gon’ remember That infinity is just a thought and MaJiK is forever …when I’m gone, they gon’ remember …Infinity is Just A Thought…MaJiK is forever
Forever On Some Fly Shit …I want more than just the glory I’ma tell you where I’m going but I’ll start with my story Look, I grew up good, never in no hood The suburban life most wished they could Have but I’ll admit that I was selfish Took for granted what I had, wanted more, I couldn’t help it See, I did what I was told, I mean, most the time And when I didn’t, a little mercy’s what I hoped to find But I gotta thank my parents, they were fair and they were just Everything that they did, they did it out of love Taught me with good deeds came rewards And bad behavior was punished, pick your wall Dad sold computers, moms did the tax Weren’t rich, just technologically advanced So I’m humble when it comes to these little gadgets What my friends didn’t have, I usually had it The example that they set was that of hard work They came here to live their dreams and now it’s my turn …But it took me some time ‘Cause for the longest, I was dealing with the fact that I could die At any moment, so to cope with, I was zonin’ Only stress that I had, I was smokin’ Now I’m floatin’, 5 years between school, work and homies Hated being at home but no idea where I was going …’Til my eyes finally opened Reevaluated my reflection in these poems As I look at the years when I was a stranger What I called “not giving a fuck” was just misplaced anger At the world…’cause I was the nice guy Who never got the girl that I liked …So all I did was feel sorry Compensated for the lonely void with a bunch of parties But no amount of liquor could blur out the fact That I lost sight of my future being caught up in the past Wondering why it couldn’t last when it was staring right at Me in my face and now it’s, no more looking back! … it wasn’t the world, it was me Seeking approval from people I didn’t need People who couldn’t see the person that I’d be They kept fighting with the vision so I threw ‘em the peace!
I Am Not A Rapper Just someone who raps I’m a poet to the English Language and the feet to my pen when it runs on the pad Trying to escape the chaos in my mind Attempting to reach the answers at point B from point A and the only way I know how to get there is by writing these rhymes…Finding the line…That connects my past to this instant So that it can direct me towards the future after I finish…The thought I’m the voice to the sequence of words I’ve put off Caught…in the moment, I bite my tongue before I speak in fear of saying something wrong I’m a sponge absorbing every experience, all the stories and accounts, each bit of information the world has to offer Throw it all into a melting pot and water….My soul like the seed my father….Engrained in my mother’s womb, I foster I’m a child in a grown man’s body because I haven’t lost my sense of wonder I still stare up at lightning and count the seconds to hear the thunder…Scream for recognition Because I too just want to be heard, bare witness….To a soul who just wants to be loved No kid grows up….Wanting to be different until they realize that they are I’m a star 99% Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus 1% all of it…makes 100% WILL So don’t tell me I’m not until….You tell me what you’re made of first I’m a protector of our earth I see the way she’s treated, it’s undeserved…Hurt….By men who’ve long forgotten that it was her precise chemical balance….That allowed for the exact circumstances….For us to be planted And we continue reduce her life producing resources disguised as advances….And I can’t stand it Because I am human Obsessed with improvement See, I know my flaws, I’m aware of my faults but when I look in the mirror I see a student…Willing to ask the hard questions They said life is a test; tell me, why are we’re all guessing? We count every second…Before we can clock out but not enough of our blessings I’m just one person But if I can do my best not to worsen…The life of another then I’m not so worthless…And if I can be of value to just someone else, it’ll all be worth it So I spend time working…On the right way to make these words fit….Like a key into your head and unlock your potential I want you to know you are special…And that you can do anything you want if you hard work and practice Just access your Joie De Vivre A joy for life beyond ends by a means…And if I can move a crowd when I let my pen speak Then I am energy…at the root…MC


The 1st full length mixtape from MaJiK, I AM NOT A RAPPER. Story of MaJiK becoming the emcee of who he is today.
Stay tuned for his full length album soon!

"To everyone who has supported me thus far: THANK YOU" - MaJiK


released December 23, 2013

All tracks mixed and mastered by TheFakeGhost at FMG Headquarters
Album art by Jason Vo.
Album Design by Sonny_B

Tracklist Information
1. Super Hot Fire (I Am Not A Rapper) [Lupe Fiasco - Super Cold Remix]
2. Let ‘Em Know (Beat By DJ Naydee for Beats Planet)
3. Why I’m Still In Love (Spoken Word)
4. TOO DOPE (Beat By De FROiZ)
5. Drinks Up ft. Ruby Nguyen (Beat By Freek Van Workum Music)
6. Bloody Hands ft. Sonny_B (Beat By TheFakeGhost)
7. I Know You See Me ft. MacMatic (Beat By ALLROUNDA BEATS)
8. Flexin’ (Beat By Depakote)
9. Rocketeer ft. Ruby Nguyen ([Far East Movement Rocketeer (Remix)]
10. Breathin’ ft. Marlon D (Beat By TheAtomicBeats)
11. Young Love ft. Lloop & Zeke Dillinger (Beat By Flo2 Productions)
12. Shinin’ (Beat By A Major Productions)
13. Do It For Myself [Logic - Inception (Remix)]
14. Success Is Revenge [Fabolous - Success Is Revenge (Remix)]
15. Forever On… [Nipsey Hussle - Forever On Some Fly Shit (Remix)]
16. I Am Not A Rapper (Spoken Word)


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